The City

New York Central Park Events

Central Park does not have a shortage of events that are suited for everyone. Below is a variety of the most popular of those events. Whether you are looking for a casual stroll or a music festival, Central Park is sure to please and has something for everyone.

Tours and Sightseeing

Horse Carriage Tours are the most popular tours that Central Park has. The tour includes visiting well-known attractions such as Belvedere Castle and Strawberry Fields.
Bike Tours are tours that you casually ride bikes through Central Park with a tour guide that shows you famous landmarks. You also learn about the history of Central Park on the tour.
Heart of the Park Tour, a personal favorite, is a tour that has you walk straight through the heart of Central Park. One of the sights you see is the Bow Bridge and it’s a scenic, magical sight.  Here are some of the attractions here.

Arts and Festivals

Voodoo Threauxdown Ft. Trombone Shorty is a music event that focuses on jazz and blues. Trombone Shorty is a trumpeter from New Orleans that performs at the event. This event features Galactic, a jam band formed in 1984 and mishmashes hip hop, electronic, jazz, blues in their music.
Twelfth Night- Shakespeare in the park is a reimagining of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It is a five week event and free. It is traditional and is comprised of professional artists from all five Boros. The Twelfth Night is a comedy written by Shakespeare in the 1600’s about a woman that disguises as a man.

Park Attractions

The Wollman Rink, located on the east side of Central Park, is an ice skating rink that’s been there since the 1800’s. While being among one of the smallest rinks in America, Wollman Rink is one of the most recognizable and popular ice skating rinks in America.. It’s a New York tradition for New Yorkers and tourists. It’s a romantic and magical ice rink that has been featured in films. It is a long standing and beloved attraction. Now current president, Donald Trump, helped rebuild the rink after the damage was caused by flooding in 1987. After reopening Donald Trump also raised the ticket prices to almost double. The profit from this increase goes to several charities.

The Central Park Zoo is a small 6.5 acre zoo in Central Park. The zoo was built in 1984 by The Wildlife Conservation Society. It offers free activities for the family. It recently added the Tisch Children’s Zoo. The two favorites attractions of the zoo are the Red Pandas and Snow Leopards, including twin Snow Leopards.


New York City Concerts this Summer

Summertime in New York City is one of the hottest places in the world to catch some great live music.  No matter the style of music you listen to, New York has some incredible venues.  From the small intimate jazz clubs to the massive concert thrown in Madison Square Garden or outside in Central Park it promises to be a great summer of music throughout the city.  Here are some of the best New York City concerts this summer, make sure you check them out.

Dave Matthews Band

The Dave Matthews Band was formed back in 1991 in Charlottesville, when lead singer Dave Matthews put some of his music on tape.  He brought in some other musicians to give the songs more depth and little did he know what would follow.  In the more than 20 years the Dave Matthews band has been around they have become one of the biggest selling touring artists.  The live shows are incredible and with the release of the 9th studio album this tour promises to be the best one yet.  Check out their live show.

New England Symphonic Ensemble

For a taste of some classical music head over to Carnegie Hall where the New England Symphonic Ensemble will play two nights at this incredible venue.  The orchestra is directed by world renowned Canadian Violinist Dr Preston Hawes and it they have performed all over the globe.  The orchestra provides a venue for the experienced and novice musicians alike and their performances are incredible.  If you have never been to Carnegie Hall then you definitely want to add this to your must see summer concert experience.

Aretha Franklin

One of the most incredible and iconic singers of her generation, Ms Franklin was the first woman inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and has an incredible catalogue of music.  She paved the way for most of the female singers you listen to on the radio today.  Hitting the stage for more than 60 years this diva still has it.  Dubbed the “Queen of Soul”  Aretha is one of the greatest singers you will ever have the pleasure of hearing.  This is definitely a concert you don’t want to miss.

Luis Miguel

Come and check out one of the most successful artist in the history of Latin Music.  Luis Miguel got his start in music at a very your age by winning his first Grammy at the age of 14.  Since then he hasn’t looked back and has tried almost every musical style under the sun.  This tour is to support his latest studio album !Mexico Por Siempre!   The album has had 2 tracks hit #1 on the Billboard Mexican Album charts and this show is guaranteed to have you dancing in your seat.

Jazz Clubs

Where to Find Great Jazz in New York City

Jazz may be associated with cities like New Orleans or even Chicago but New York has a pretty hip jazz scene too.  If you’re wondering where to find great jazz in New York City, then read on and let us show you.

The Bar Next Door

Somewhere between West 3rd and 4th Avenues you will find the Bar Next Door and this is one of the hippest spots in the city to hear some great jazz.  Hit the club after 8pm and  you will hit the jackpot.  This is a throwback to the jazz clubs of the 20’s and 30’s and it is located in a basement.  Above you will find ‘La Lanterna di Vittoria,’ where you can start the evening off with a delicious Italian meal.  There is a cover charge to get into the club but it is less than $10 and worth every penny.  Drinks are none too shabby either and make sure you sample some of their Brazilian wines.

It is a small club and the seating is pretty close together but the quality of the musicians that play here makes it all worthwhile.  The bar is open Sunday to Thursday from 6pm until 2am and on the weekends until 3am but getting here early in order to snag a great seat is a must.  Sit back and sip your champagne cocktails and enjoy the show!

Cleopatra’s Needle

This is a world renowned jazz club that can be found on the Upper West Side, the club is named after the monument in New York’s Central Park.  You can grab food and drink while listening to some great live jazz.  This place is as famous for the food as it is for the jazz, the kitchen has been featured on the ‘Food Network’ and the jazz sessions have brought in some of the biggest names in the business.  It was even featured in ‘Downbeat’ as one of the 100 Great Venues to Hear Jazz.  The whole place has a vibrant atmosphere and you need to check it out.  If you are a budding musician yourself then check out Sundays open mic from 2-6pm.

The Allen Room

Lastly we come to the Allen Room on Broadway.  This place is incredible, it is a wonderful amphitheater that has a 50 foot glass wall that looks onto Columbus Circle and Central Park.  You can listen to some incredible jazz while people watching in Central Park.

These are but a few of the great places to check out some great Jazz in New York, take an evening and treat yourself to some good food and even better music.